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The United 4Hope Ministry


Fourteenth Avenue M. B. Church continues to thrive in the North Nashville neighborhood where it originated. And, the church efforts are to equip and empower people of God through awareness, Christian education, ministry and spreading the news of the Gospel to edify the kingdom of God. Our hope is to impact the world with the message of Jesus Christ.  While staying connected to our mission of being a Purposeful, Passionate, Powerful church: one that is led by the Spirit of God to walk together with all mankind in Christian Love. These are the very principles that make the connection with Operation Andrews, United 4Hope Ministry a wonderful partnership.

Our leadership team consists of members who brainstorm to implement initiatives, which support the overall school achievement.  The congregation is involved in supporting the pillars of student achievement through attendance effort, staff encouragement- teacher support, and family engagement.  We have supported these pillars in the following manner:


  • Student achievement via “ YOU MATTER” note cards designed to provide affirmations and encouragement written by various members of the congregation.
  • Staff encouragement by providing $5.00 Amazon gift cards to all staff person during American Education Week in November.

May we celebrated teachers and staff through “Monday Munches” a snack spread for Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • Family engagement we provided 25 Kroger Gift Cards for Christmas, to support the schools’ ability to respond to families’ request for assistance with food during the holidays.

Academic school year 21-22:

  • Staff encouragement for teachers and staff in November during American Education Week with snacks and goody bags.
  • Student encouragement with “YOU MATTER” notecards of encouragement and gratitude.
  • Family engagement, we provided 179 - $25.00 Kroger Gift Cards for Christmas, one for each family represented in the school.


This work has also been supported by our Grant from the Arby’s Foundation to serve the youth of our community.

Our History

Fourteenth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church was founded in the spring of 1933 during a period of time known as the “Great Depression.” She was formed in the home of Will Walker, at such time, known as an “unchurched” man.

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