The body of Christ is to carry out ministry until He comes again. Thus, we prescribe to the active approach that those who enter our place of worship will feel like they are connected to God and one another, as we carry forth Christ’s mission into the world.


The Deacon Ministry was birthed in the New Testament Church out of a need to solve the needs of the early church members. Such as there were needs in the early church, there are needs today. Our deacons serve specifically with our pastor in order to provide for the spiritual and tangible needs of our members. Like with biblical Stephen, who was chosen due to his devout attributes; similarly, our deacons discharge love to all the members who have need.


The Trustee Ministry just like the deacons, the Trustee Ministry are to have a close relationship with God, and their love demonstrates their love for God, His word, and His people. This group handles receiving and depositing of monies collected during worship services.


Associates in Ministry or Associate Ministers who is a member of the clergy serve to assist the Pastor in regard to worship service, religious ceremonies, sick visitations, and other duties that are a part of Gospel Ministry under the direction of our Pastor. Associates in the ministry are partners within the church ministry serving to lead others to Christ and to equip others in their Christian lives. Ministers are called to be faithful to Jesus Christ, knowledgeable of the Word of God and the confessions of the church, respectful of the people of God, and responsive to the needs of a changing world.


The Mother’s Union is especially concerned with the preservation of the Christian family. The Mother’s Union is to uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and promote its broader understanding to all. To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and the way of the church. To maintain Christian fellowship in prayer, worship, and service. This union is to help those whose family life has been met with adversity by promoting Christian standards.


Baptist Training Union (BTU) is another source of Christian Education in the Baptist church. In BTU, we train members of all age groups to serve in various positions and functions of the church. Proverbs 22:6 states, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” BTU not only serves to train children, but also implements training of new and longstanding Christians in remaining steadfast in the doctrine. The specific aim is to make disciples with an emphasis on church doctrine, practice, history, ordinances, and worship.


Benevolence Ministry fulfills its ministry by assisting those who call upon the church for basic necessities such as food and financial assistance. Our first responsibility is to the members of our local church congregation, and whenever there is the availability of funds. Persons seeking assistance should call the church Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (except on Holidays) from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The church is only able to assist financially with basic needs (e.g., rent or mortgage, lights assistance). We do not assist with car payments, telephone, or water bills.


Brotherhood is a ministry by which their roles and responsibilities, which are spiritual and emotional, to prepare men for leadership. This ministry helps empower and develop the total man by addressing his spiritual, physical, and emotional needs through prayer and the study of God’s Word.In addition, it strives to build Christ-like character in men so they may become bold witnesses and Christian leaders in their church, home, and communities. One other important purpose is to help young men of the church develop a stronger and more personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to build strong interpersonal relationships that aid in further kingdom building.


Greeters Ministry is ourway of organizing our commitment to welcoming individuals to our services. And, for staffing our Welcome Center to be more sensitive to the needs of individuals who visit with us.This group is responsive to our visitors before entering the sanctuary with friendly smiles, welcomes, visitor souvenirs, and great directions pertaining to our facility services. They make such a positive experience for those who are visiting.


Music Ministry is an especially important aspect of worship. The fundamental purpose of the music ministry, including the choir, is to lead the congregation in the worship of Almighty God through music and song. True worship leading is a supernatural extension of our love and relationship with Christ (Matthew 22:37, 38). Currently, or team of singers and musicians enhance our worship each Sunday morning.


Missionary Department consists of the Senior Women’s Ministry and the Women’s Intermediate Auxiliary (WIAs). This group of women ministers to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the members and those individuals outside the walls of our church. Its purpose is to encourage and enrich the lives of men and women through prayer and regular bible study. The women are encouraged to participate in mission outreach activities, which help the church fulfill its mission of reaching the lost for Christ and its many charitable pursuits.


New Member’s Class main objective is to assist newcomers to the church in assimilating their Relationships and Responsibilities within the church. This has a two-fold purpose of communicating specific expectations early on in order for the newcomer to understand more effectively rather than later in a member’s tenure. Likewise, research has determined that new members generally will drop out of the church within the first year if they do not develop “meaningful friendships with the congregation and become involved in a specific role or task.”


Nurse’s Guild our Health Promotion Team provides health care professionals the opportunity to use their God-given talents to promote health education programs within the church body. The Health Promotion Team members are available to do blood pressure screenings, administer CPR, to conduct health fairs, and make appropriate health referrals. These individuals are also available to make health assessments with individuals when needed.


Nursery Ministry is designed to meet the functional and practical needs of the church. The first need is to provide a clean, comfortable, and caring place for children 0 to 5 years of age who are cared for during the worship services. Secondly, during such times, the focus of the ministry is on the learning development of children in this age group. Our nursery staff has over 40 plus years of experience in this area and is available to care for the little ones during worship services.


Pastor’s Guild is a group of individuals in the church that spearhead the support of this overall ministry of our pastor in terms of prayers, acts of kindness, and monetary gifts toward our pastor and his family.. Also, the Guild serves to strengthen the mutual relationship between the congregation and the Pastor. This ministry sponsors special programs throughout the year.


The Fourteenth Avenue Scholarship Committee offers annual scholarships awards to deserving high school graduates preparing to enter an institution of higher learning. The committee has the responsibility of directing the entire congregation in the funding process each year. This committee throughout the year communicates the existence of the scholarship program to the congregation and to potential recipients. The Scholarship Committee’s goal is to help identify young people within the congregation who are preparing to graduate from high school. Scholarship applications are made available annually during the late winter or early spring. Once the committee receives a completed application, the recipients are selected from the pool of applicants based on specific written guidelines. Scholarships are awarded to students who are members of the church and are actively involved in ministries of the church.


The Sunday School is one of our main teaching areas of the church. There are classes for all ages, and each helps to prepare its students for a higher level of biblical knowledge and understanding. This is accomplished through planning, organization and presenting the Word of God through lessons designed to meet the spiritual needs of the students. The goal is to equip the Saints to work!


Ushers Ministry serves as an aid to the pastor and church during worship services. Ushers are forerunners for the preparation of the church before the guest of the church arrive. The Ushers see that the church is in proper condition to receive guest and distribute required worship items to the congregation as needed. Our Usher’s ministries are designed to serve God’s people by graciously greeting, directing, and assisting them in a friendly and hospitable manner as they enter the sanctuary for worship and depart to serve.


Our Youth Ministry is designed to help and teach young persons to grow personally and spiritually. Our goal is to train young people to apply Christian thoughts and ideas in every area of life. It is our desire to reach out to our youth with the love of God as it has been revealed to us through theHoly Spirit. We want their experience to be one that provides opportunity to find their gifts and experience responsible participation in life, missions, faith work in our church, and the greater community. It is our desire our youth will learn to serve with zeal, fun and excitement!


Digital Outreach Ministry purpose is to assist our pastor in an ongoing effort towards addressing membership’s needs relating to discipleship. In addition, the group is developing a means of utilizing technology in order to reach out to non-members in a variety of ways to assess their spiritual needs.


Our History

Fourteenth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church was founded in the spring of 1933 during a period of time known as the “Great Depression.” She was formed in the home of Will Walker, at such time, known as an “unchurched” man.

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