Our Church Ministries at Work . . .

Missionary Department consists of the Senior Women’s Ministry and the Women’s Intermediate Auxiliary (WIAs). The Senior Women’s ministry ministers to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the women & children of the church. Its purpose is to encourage and enrich the lives of others through prayer and regular bible study. The women are encouraged to participate in mission outreach activities that help the church fulfill its mission of reaching the lost for Christ and its many charitable pursuits. The WIAs ministry ministers to the spiritual emotional and physical needs of young women and children. The goals of the WIAs are to win souls for Christ, promote family worship, and demonstrate Christian conduct in speech and dress, as well as to engage in regular prayer and bible study. In addition, its purpose is to help young women of the church to develop a stronger and more personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to build strong interpersonal relationships that aids in further kingdom building.
Sister Lucy Jarmon, General President & Sister Verlene Robinson, Advisor

The Mother’s Union is especially concerned with the preservation of the Christian family. The aim is the advancement of Christianity in the sphere of marriage and family life. These women try to uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and promote its broader understanding to all. To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and the way of the church. To maintain Christian fellowship in prayer, worship, and service.
Mother Mary R. Holland, President

Music Ministry is a very important part of worship. The fundamental purpose of the choir is to lead people in worship of Almighty God through song. True worship leading must be a supernatural extension of our love relationship with Christ.
Sister Andrea Jarmon, Minister of Music

Nursery Ministry is designed to meet the functional needs of the church. The first need is to provide a clean, comfortable and caring place for children 0 to 5 years of age that are cared for during our worship services. Secondly, during such times the focus of the ministry is on the learning development of children in this age group.
Sister Carol Patterson, Director

Pastor’s Guild a group of individuals in the church who support the overall ministry of the pastor in terms of their prayers, acts of kindness toward he and his family as well as with the monetary gifts. Also, the Guild serves to strengthen the mutual relationship between the congregation and the pastor.
Sister Mary L. Price, President

The Scholarship Committee - The FAB Scholarship completed was implemented by the church to award financial assistance annually to deserving high school students preparing to enter an institution of higher learning. This committee has the responsibility of directing the entire congregation in the funding process each year. Scholarships are awarded to students who have been members of this church for at least three continuous years and actively involved in ministries of the church.
Mother Vivian Martin, Chairman

Ushers Ministry is an aid to the pastor and church during worship services. Our Ushers are forerunners for the preparation of the church for the guest of the church to arrive. The Ushers see that the church is in proper condition to receive guest and distribute required worship items to the congregation as needed. The Usher’s ministry is designed to serve God’s people by graciously greeting, directing and assisting them in a friendly and hospitable manner as they enter the sanctuary for worship and leave the sanctuary to serve.

  • Senior Usher Ministry: 1st and 4th Sundays: Sister Aileen Wright, President
  • Ushers #3 Ministry: 3rd Sundays: Sister Wyceithia Williams, President
  • Junior Usher Ministry: 2nd & 5th Sundays: Sister Joyce Harris, President