Room in the Inn 


Fourteenth Avenue is a "Room in the Inn" Partner!

The History of Room in the Inn. . .

Room in the Inn’s Campus for Human Development is an extension of the outreach ministry of more than 200 religious congregations in the Middle Tennessee area.  Individuals and organizations created the first programs originating back to 1969. 

These ministry efforts grew to become the Room in the Inn, the Guest House, and FOCUS. Please visit their website for additional information!

Fourteenth Avenue’s partnership with Room in the Inn began in the fall of 1989.  We served our first guest January 1990 and have participated in this beloved ministry for 31 consecutive years of service prior to the pandemic. 

Each November to March, we open our doors to individuals in the Nashville community by participating in the Winter Shelter Program.  This program provides safe shelter, warm meals, and fellowship for those struggling with homelessness during these months.

Room in the Inn helps us serve God as we strive to serve humankind!

Our History

Fourteenth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church was founded in the spring of 1933 during a period of time known as the “Great Depression.” She was formed in the home of Will Walker, at such time, known as an “unchurched” man.

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