Mission Statement:

To raise funds and award monetary scholarships to deserving graduates of Fourteenth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church.

The Scholarship Ministry originated in March, 1985.  It was initiated by Sister Shervie Holland and Circle #2.  The Committee’s responsibility is to raise funds to award as many students possible with a scholarship and monetary assistance.

The Fourteenth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church seeks candidates for its Scholarship Awards.

The Church wishes to recognize a student within its congregation who is striving for academic, spiritual and social excellence. This student should be well on his/her way to recognizing that if God’s work is to be done, it must be done through him or her. Interested students are urged to obtain the application from our Church Office and submitted likewise on the designated date.

Applicants must:

    • Have been a member of Fourteenth Avenue MBC for at least three years.

    • Provide the church with a transcript through fifth grading period.
    • Have plans to enter the college or university of their choice at the beginning of the current school year.

    • Complete scholarship application by APRIL 15, 2018.


                               JANUARY 1, 2018 UNTIL APRIL 15, 2018

Fourteenth Avenue Scholarship Application 

All applications will be reviewed and selected by the Scholarship Committee and approved by Pastor Frank Gordon.
Guidelines used by the committee are based on the number of church membership years, grade point averages, and participation in the church's outreach ministries.  All awards given must be used in a period of three semesters following the award.
Pictured below are current committee members serving to administer scholarships each year.