Fourteenth Avenue is so excited that we are a "Room in the Inn" partner!

The History - Room-in-the-Inn’s Campus for Human Development is an extension of the outreach ministry of more than 200 religious congregations in Nashville. Individuals and organizations that created the first programs originating back to 1969, ministry grow to become the Room in the Inn, the Guest House, and FOCUS. Please visit their website for additional information!

Our partnership history began in the fall of 1989 and we served our first guest January 1990.We currently have participated in this beloved ministry for 23 consecutive years of service.Each November to April, we open our doors to individuals in our Nashville community who are homeless. As their mission states, “through the power of the Spirit and the practice of love,” we have successfully served many guest and looking forward to serving our 10,000th meal this coming season.

Through this ministry, our church has fruits from our labor and we truly thank God for this blessing! As a church body, we will continue this ministerial service as each of these individuals we serve celebrates their journey to having a physical home and most definitely a spiritual one!