The Mother's Union

Mother Mary Holland, President
Mother Patricia Jones, Vice President
Mother LaRaine Taylor, Secretary
Mother Vivian Martin, Assist Secretary
Mother Earnestine Olds, Treasurer
Mother Bessie Bell, Member
Mother Mollie Buford, Member
Mother Jane Davis, Member
Mother Joyce Hill, Member
Mother Lorine Shepard, Mother
Remembering those who
helped paved the way for us!

            Mother Vee Anderson
            Mother Kizzie Baker  
            Mother Violet Bass    
            Mother Mazella Betts
            Mother Lillie Buford  
            Mother May Cartwright
            Mother Betty Collins
            Mother Bessie Darden    
            Mother Lena Emmons
            Mother Gooch  
            Mother Fannie Hammonds
            Mother Margaret Harris
            Mother Hogan
         Mother Mattie Jones
         Mother Mary Long
         Mother Mary Mason
         Mother Barbara Malone
         Mother Grace McEwen
         Mother Katie Odum
         Mother Serriner Patton
         Mother Mary Thompson
         Mother Mary White
         Mother Bethina Wright
         Mother Savannah Wright