Destination Graduation is a process that:
  • Focuses on student success from the beginning-Conception
  • Provides a grade-by-grade, hands on approach from Kindergarten through College
  • Supports the social, emotional, academic and spiritual development of students
  • Can be pliable-adaptable, and
  • Works with all youth.
Destination Graduation is a Student Success Plan which consists of all stakeholders working together to help the student shape and achieve his/ her hopes, dreams, goals, beliefs, vision, and aspirations.
  • It provides a profile of the student which communicates their school history, including successes and struggles.
  • It is a structured process that can be used to guide a student grade-by-grade to high school and beyond.
  • It is designed to foster a collaborative partnership between home, community and school.
  • It engages the student in his/her academic plan and encourages responsibility from the student, parents, school, and community stakeholders.  
  • It supports students from conception through college.
Plan Framework
Tier I focuses on the child/student and consists of the Student Profile:
  • Student Attendance, Student Progress, Personal Profile, Interest Inventory, and the Student’s Self-reflection, all undergirded by three pillars of support, Family, Community and School.
Tier II focuses on the individual plan and consists ofa grade-by-grade(8-12) Personal Graduation Plan.
The Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) hasthree parts:
  • Credit Accumulation (Template)
  • Transition Plan, and a
  • Blueprint for Graduation-8-12 grade-by-grade activities to prepare students for high school graduation and includes college access and success.